Capture the Moment

“Lammers shows us how to ‘Capture the Moment’ in quick sketches that depict the places we visit.”

– Thomas Fisher
Dean Emeritus
Dayton Hudson Chair in Urban Design
College of Design, University of Minnesota

Barns of the St. Croix Valley

The Pandemic stood in the way of travel and travel sketching—my first loves. I elected to sketch some neighborhood barns, and loaded into the car a lawn chair plus my sketch pad, pens, Prismacolors, and a sandwich. There are barns a plenty in Chisago County. Being a city boy, I’m enthralled. I’d been driving past these barns for 25 years, but I didn’t see them until I started sketching them.

Now I am writing book about the barns of the St Croix Valley, St Croix Valley history and about farming and the amazing changes from the 19th century to the 21st. Mesmerizing. I have about 150 barn sketches, the text is drafted—ORO Editions will publish fall of 2022.